@Play FAQS

What measures is @Play taking to combat the threat of coronavirus?

Your safety is our top priority. Please see link below for our policies and procedures that we have
implemented in our facility.

Are mask necessary for all guest? Including children?

Yes - we will not allow any guest to enter our facility without a face mask. Face mask must be worn properly and at all times during the visit.

Can we pay at the counter?

No, all purchases must be made online in advance.

What is the check-in process to enter the facility?

1) Temperature check will be conducted for each guest.
2) All guest will be asked to carefully review our heslth policy, which requires all attendees to have been healthy for at least 14 days prior to their visit.
3) Waivers will be checked for each guest against their Picture ID, ONLY number tickets purchase will have entry to facility.

Who must sign the Waiver?

Each person entering the facility must have a signed waiver. This includes children and parents as well. Parents must show Picture ID to confirm the waiver.

What is considered a Picture ID?

1) Drive License or State ID (no photo copies or screen shot)
2) Military ID
3) Passport or Visa

How big is your facility?

We are a gigantic 40,00 sq. ft. faclilty with 645 total occupancy.

How many people will be allowed at a time?

Initially at any given time we will allow only 40 guest, this will include parents and children.
This is less than 10% of our total capacity of 645 Pax.

How many children will be allowed per session?

20 Children

Is it a Free Play or Structured Play?

It is structured play; our staff will guide chidlren through the activities as a group of 10.

What is structure play time? What is the duration?

Group of 10 kids: 30 mins of Lazer Tag; 30 mins of Ball-O-City; 4 Rides
Total time is 1h:45mins, 15 mins for Check-In and 1h:30mins of Play Time.

Can I accompany my child during the structured play time?

Unfortunately no, due to the social distancing concerns we must restrict parents to a designated area.

How many adults are allowed?

1 to 4 Children - 1 Parent

Refund Policy:

No Refunds, since the slots and sessions are pre-sold, all sales are final.

What if the date I picked is unavailable?

If the date you would like to visit is unavailable, you must pick a different date or contact us

How often do you clean?

Before we open sessions, during every session, after every session, and at the end of the day. All
equipment and rides are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, particular attention is given to parts that are touched often. Before, during and at thend of the day we will use fogger to sanitize the facility.

Is the restaurant open?

Restaurant is open for pick-up only. You may order online and pick-up at the restaurant. Unfortunately, we are not allowed sit down at this time. You will have to access the restaurant from outside the building. Access to restaurant from the facility is restricted.

Can I bring my own food into the park?

Coolers, food or beverages may not be brought into the facility or parking lot.

Important:  Please do not visit any @Play Amusement & Cafe if you or your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 – 72 hours.

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