Must Meet all Height Requirements
Sign Wavier before hand

Lazer Tag – 5ys old & Up

Gear up and get ready to have the ultimate Laser Tag Battle! Step into our newly designed 4000 sq ft arena and prepare to deactivate your opponents before they deactivate you.
Catch your breath as you make your way through our galactic arena filled with surprises and backdrops! Play individually or on teams. This complete interactive game will engage and challenge players of all ages.

Ball-O-City – 36″ & Up

The structure has thousands of foam balls that are used for entertainment by blasting them at each other and at targets with air cannons.
Other Activities in Ballocity Include…
build-in zip line, ball fountain that blasts over 50 balls in the air at one time, a slide and a floor canon that blasts 25 balls at a time.

Mini Roller Coaster- 36″ & Up

Strap yourself in for the ultimate indoor Roller Coaster Ride!
Soar to new heights on our Roller Coaster. 
Riders will scream with delight with every twist and turn!

Bumper Cars- 36″ & Up

All New!!!
Our latest attraction!!
Go Head-to- Head with Family and Friends as you BUMP around on one of most popular attractions!

Tea Cups- 36″ & Up

Control the action at your own private party using the central steering wheel, manually spinning your teacup in either direction and just as fast as you can handle.

Safari Ride- 32″ to 52″

A classic and a fan favorite! Take your child for a whirl on our Safari Ride.
Choose your favorite horse, car or space ship.

Carousel- 32″ to 52″

A classic and a fan favorite! Take your child for a whirl on our Carousel.
Choose your favorite horse and hop on and enjoy the ride!


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